Marine Flooring

oil-ship-1449617-1279x852The flooring consultants at Balius Surfaces can help you select the proper marine flooring materials to reduce slipping, give you comfortable standing and walking surfaces, provide easy maintenance and a large selection of textures patterns and colors.

We know that marine flooring must be able to withstand marine and weather elements while meeting safety requirements, with an emphasis on reducing slipperiness when wet.  The corrosive salt and minerals, humidity and ever-present wetness defeat materials’ term of use, ease of maintenance and attractive appearance … unless the materials are specifically tagged as marine grade.

Rubber boat flooring is another option.  Rubber Boat flooring has a more industrial look than carpet or vinyl, but it is a workhorse. Once a marine rubber floor is installed, it can handle almost anything it is subjected to.  There are limits on design choices but we can work through those with you.

Balius will help you make select floor coverings to combine rugged, wear-resistant and slip-resistant qualities with aesthetics. Balius Surfaces provide flooring for the unique needs of marine transportation, designed to match the widely varying demands of different shipboard areas from control rooms to restaurants. Balius Flooring can help you select sustainable flooring solutions are easy to clean, fire-resistant, noise reducing and promote onboard safety while operating within the stringent fire safety requirements of the International Maritime Organization.