Institutional Flooring

hospital-walkway-1223350-1279x1684The flooring in hospitals, schools and other institutions must withstand thousands of footsteps every week. Proper flooring standards within these environments are demanding with unique requirements to prevent bacteria growth, reduce the potential for slip and fall and provide for an aesthetically pleasing finish.  Institutional flooring systems must meet strict health code requirements while improving the overall environment.

Whether you are selecting flooring  or a preschool, a K-12 school, college or university or a healthcare facility, there are a number of elements you must consider when making that decision.  Our flooring consultants can help you make those decisions so that you can create a space that will keep your staff and guests safe and comfortable.

Flooring can reduce allergens and promote good air quality as well as withstand heavy foot traffic, contributing greatly to the health, safety and comfort of students, staff, administrators and instructors alike.